No one understands what gun violence survivors need better than those of us who have gone through it.

Our Rapid Response Team is a one-stop, Survivor focused team that will urgently deploy into the affected community after a tragedy to work with and assist politicians and the community to make sure that services and comfort are immediately provided to the victims and their families. We respond immediately to gun violence events to offer meaningful support to survivors in the aftermath of a shooting.

  • We are the first Survivor-centric Rapid Response Team available in this nation.
  • We are a team of Survivors of mass casualty violence that have been re-victimized by the lack of coordinated efforts and understanding of what is needed to survive the initial shock.  
  • After a mass casualty event, local governments and law enforcement are overwhelmed and victims are in total shock or fighting for their lives. We will help to craft the proper language when speaking to and about victims of crime.
  • We advocate for the efficient notification for families of the deceased and injured.
  • We interact with the media concerning requests for interviews and guiding the media to adapt a Don’t Name Them policy.

Our 2024 goal is to ramp up Rapid Response Teams in key US cities.
These teams will be made up of veteran survivors of violence that have walked the brutal walk of survivorship. 

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