Survivor Resources

First breaths to first steps, resources abound.

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Survivors Toolkit

Developed in concert with the Gabby Giffords organization

The Survivors Toolkit provides immediate support and a lifeline to traumatized gun violence survivors.

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Rapid Response

Developed in concert with the Gabby Giffords organization

Our 2024 plan is to ramp up Rapid Response Teams in key US cities.

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The goal is to help create life-changing and long-lasting positive change through community.

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Mindfulness Training

Helping people experience their feelings through a heightened attention to them.

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Trauma Therapy

A jumping-off point of potential resources for your consideration.

Sharing the Journey

“I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.”

— Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland


Empowered Gun Violence Survivors are

Just taking a breath can be the first step CNN recently named Sandy and Lonnie Phillips/Survivors Empowered one of their

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Did You Know

Finding Help: Tips for Survivors

In the immediate aftermath of a shooting, the shock and disorientation requires a different response than the kind of healing

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A Hero Teacher Shares His

When shots rang out at Thurston High School’s packed cafeteria in Springfield, Oregon, nearly 25 years ago, teacher and wrestling

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Voices of Survivors Podcast

In this podcast, Amber Starr Currie interviews fellow survivors of violent crime as they share what it's like to watch

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Sandy’s Cry

The following was written by Sandy Phillips In the midst of a spate of yet more mass shootings, May 2021

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