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CNN names Lonnie and Sandy…


One of 12 award recipients, Survivors Empowered is being recognized by CNN anchor Anderson Cooper as an uplifting community champion...

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California couple a step closer…


The shooting in Nashville has invigorated the conversation about gun control. KPBS reporter Kitty Alvarado has an update with a...

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San Diego Coalition Gains Reforms…


Before the San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted at a meeting in January 2022 to require that gun owners...

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How a 2000 Colorado law that protects gun makers set the stage for a Texas school massacre.
Lonnie Phillips’ opinion piece, in the Colorado Sun • March 23, 2023

Colorado law makes it very difficult and financially perilous to sue the gun industry. That’s likely to change.
Sandy’s & Lonnie’s experience, with Colorado’s horrible PLCCA law, is documented in this article about the movement underway to end that law

Parents of Children Lost to Gun Violence Demand Change
Northwell’s Center for Gun Violence Prevention
hosts survivors and advocates seeking solutions • June 22, 2022
TV News Coverage of Northwell Conference

We can Change the Future of Gun Violence
Sandy Phillips & Devin Hughes, June 20, 2022

Survivors of gun violence will not be silenced
For The Baltimore Sun, May 20, 2022

USA Today Op-Ed by Sandy & Lonnie Phillips
In the wake of yet another mass school shooting, in Michigan, December 3, 2021…

Aurora theater shooting victims ‘re-traumatized’ by another Aurora mass shooting
By Sandy and Lonnie Phillips, Letter to the Editor, Colorado Sentinel, November 16, 2021

Work on ending gun violence must move forward, even without ATF leader
Guest Commentary, Denver Post, Sandy and Lonnie Phillips, September 20, 2021

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