The Evolution of Survivors Empowered

Sandy and Lonnie Phillips, founders of Jessi’s Message and Survivors Empowered, have traveled from state to state to advocate for survivors by educating policymakers on the effect of gun violence trauma and to offer personal support to those who lost someone to gun violence – including the families at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, the grocery store victims in Buffalo, N.Y., the grade school children killed in Uvalde, Texas, and sadly, so many more.

Key Moments from More than a Decade of Service

March 2023

Interview after Nashville shooting

February 2023

Interview with Sarah Germain Lilly, Radio GAG.

October 2022

Sandy and Lonnie featured prominently in PBS report, Ricochet.

June 2022

Lonnie is interviewed by BBC, following the announcement of a tentative Senate agreement on Gun Safety.

June 2022

Lonnie is interviewed a second time by BBC, following the announcement of a tentative Senate agreement on Gun Safety.

May 2022

Interview with Al Jazeera, following Uvalde mass shooting 

January 2022

Interview with Survivor Nation on GAG Radio

April 2021

The Takeaway, WNYC interview with Sandy and Lonnie Phillips

March 2019

One of many interviews with Anderson Cooper, this one for 60 Minutes.

May 2018

Parents of victims of Aurora cinema shooting comfort Texas shooting families

April 2018

Interview after Pulse shooting

July 2016

CNN interview with Sandy and Lonnie.

February 2016

Sandy shares her story on stage during Tina Brown Live Media’s American Justice Summit in New York City.

August 2015

Sandy Phillips tells the story of how she found out her daughter Jessica was murdered.

August 2015

Don Lemon welcomes Richard Martinez, Lonnie Phillips, and Andy Parker three men grieving for children lost to gun deaths.

July 2015

Interview with Molly Hughes, Denver Post TV.

January 2014

Press Conference, Wilmington DE

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