Survivors Empowered Presents

Gun Violence State of the Union 2024

March 9, 2024
San Diego, California

Underscoring gun deaths as the number one killer of our kids, Survivors Empowered is hosting a national press conference entitled “Survivors Empowered Presents The Gun Violence State of the Union.”

Truthtelling Topics to be addressed as part of Survivors Empowered Presents The Gun Violence State of the Union include:

Speaking the whole truth about the deadly impact of gun violence on US children, teens, adults, and gun violence survivors—including the high rates of gun suicide, and preventive measures (e.g., locking up guns securely in the home; educating healthcare workers to inform patients and families about increased risks of suicides/homicides when firearms are easily accessible).

Speaking the whole truth about ways to bring justice to gun violence survivors by repealing The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA)—the federal law that has shielded firearms manufacturers and dealers from legal accountability for decades; and holding the firearms industry accountable for inappropriate, incomplete, and misleading advertising or statements.

Speaking the whole truth about the staggering financial costs of gun violence-$557 billion annually in gun violence-related costs borne in large part by US taxpayers, who deserve relief in a system that currently rewards sellers of firearms with high profits without legal accountability when their guns and ammunition are used to kill and injure people—as well as create carnage among gun violence survivors.

Guns trigger more than half of nation’s suicides:

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