Champions For Change

While we’re very honored to be named a “Champion for Change,” by CNN, we feel the real champions are the survivors who cope with the enormity of their loss. For many, coping starts with taking one breath, and then another, and another as their clocks tick through what seems like an eternity. Our job is to help gun violence survivors through the worst time of their lives. Often before healing begins, survivors struggle to take a breath, fight through the shock and horror, and get through even a few excruciatingly painful minutes at a time. From the earliest minutes of trauma, some survivors completely shut down emotionally; others jump into activism. For many survivors, just getting out of bed takes the strength of a champion. Surviving each day listening to the relentless tick-tick-tick of a clock as searing emotional pain overtakes all other thoughts is a major accomplishment. Surviving each day comes first; empowerment comes down the road.

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