Welcome to Survivors Empowered, a nationally prominent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization directly supporting and educating gun violence survivors, including most notably the family and friends of shooting victims, as well as shooting survivors themselves.

How We Can Help

We offer resources that are far-ranging and life-sustaining—starting with the first moments and days after the tragedy.
Survivors at candlelight vigil

Survivors Toolkit

This toolkit for gun violence survivors was created and published in collaboration with Giffords.

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Rapid Response

We respond to gun violence events to offer meaningful support to survivors in the aftermath of a shooting.



An invitation-only event providing comprehensive support to gun violence survivors.


Mindfulness Training

Exploring Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction With Survivors Of Gun Violence


Trauma Therapy

Helping to cope with the emotional response caused by a traumatic event.


Sharing the Journey

Survivors Of Gun Violence Demand Justice and an End to…

“The gun industry stole our daughter’s life and the gun industry immunity law bankrupted us. Senator Graham played a massive role in the blood-letting. The killer used an AR-15. He shot our daughter six times. There was not enough of her left to put in a coffin. She was slaughtered along with 11 others in the Aurora Theater Shooting 12 years ago on July 20. Seventy others were wounded. One lost a leg, two are...

It’s time for gun dealers to take ethical and legal…

Don’t let the NRA call the shots. Please donate to Survivors Empowered to continue our tireless efforts to support gun...

Love Canal type of Superfund needed to help taxpayers bearing…

By Sandy and Lonnie PhillipsFounders of Survivors EmpoweredWhen toxic chemicals in Love Canal near New York’s Niagara Falls were detected...

Guns trigger more than half of nation’s suicides:

Reducing access to firearms reduces rate of suicide ‘Firearms most lethal suicide method by far in the U.S.’ By Sandy...

How many mass murders would occur without guns?

Never-ending gun rights fiction drives gun fanatics’ friction Even supporters of gun rights can’t make the math of gun-related mass...

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